(short film, 13min)

Two white friends try to talk about race.

“A Phone Call From My Best Friend” feels unusually prescient and urgent, especially during this current political moment of reckoning in America, when people are scrutinizing ideas about silence, politeness, “color-blindness” and neutrality and how they fit into the perpetuation of racism.

As a result, the film is a true conversation piece — a meta-conversation if you will — and is provocative not in the sense of fomenting extreme emotion, but offering a jumping-off point of self-reflection and thought. “A Phone Call From My Best Friend” is in many ways a quieter than expected film — disciplined, naturalistic, almost like an episode of whatever the HBO young urbanite show of the year is — but its impact is much bigger than initial appearances. It leaves its final questions in the hands of the audience to answer, as well as an uneasiness that’s up to us to reconcile and reckon with.

– Kat Ascharya, curator



FEATURED: Shots.net + Shots Best of the Month: July 2020

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OFFICIAL SELECTION: 2020 Maryland Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION: 2020 Sun Valley Film Festival

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Director, Writer, Editor - Alexander Christenson

Cinematographer - Michael Belcher

Producer - Jeff Spivack

Madison - Celeste Arias

Chrissy - Auden Thornton

Rebecca - Emily Van Raay

Casting Director - Dayna Katz

Co-Producer - Miriam Naggar

Co-Producer - Christopher Hawthorne

Production Manager - Will Dennis

Gaffer - Emma Penrose

Steadicam Operator - Lisa Sene

First Assistant Camera - Jeffrey David Schultz

First Assistant Camera - Steven Tong

Second Assistant Camera - Noah Broch

Key Grip - Jay Warrior

Production Sound Mixer - Lily Bernstein

Script Supervisor - Alan Klassen

Costume Designer - Rachel Dainer-Best

Makeup Artist - Mary Chipman

Art Department Assistant - Persia Beheshti

Production Assistant - David Perez

Sound Mixer - Calvin Pia

Additional Compositing - Herculano Fernandes

Color - Nice Shoes

Colorist - Sal Malfitano

Color Producer - Andrew Pandolfino

Color Producer - Elizabeth Mitchell